Andrew Judah - "Blinding Light"

Andrew Judah is in the midst of a seven EP series titled Metanoia (similar to Sleeping At Last's Atlas series, structurally). Started back in June, he's released one each month, and will continue to do so until the climax in December. While I'm writing to shed light on the project as a whole, I'm posting a single from the opening EP, since this is the first time I'm mentioning it. 

Armed with a James Mercer-esque vocals and a penchant for the atmospheric, he's created something wonderful. The consistency is spectacular, regardless of style and mood, he keeps everything in the same sonic realm. Whether it's the expansive "Blinding Light," (the chosen single from Pt. I), the soft and heartfelt "Fool In Love" on Pt. II, his electro-bluesy (and aptly titled) "Blue" on Pt. III, or the menacing, synth driven "Cell Mates" on the latest release, Pt. IV, it's a collective treat. I can't wait to hear the project in full. Just another reason December can't come soon enough! 

Also, if you were interested in hearing everything, to make things easy here's a playlist with all the released parts in unison, so you can listen to it smoothly all the way through.