Zack de la Rocha - "digging for windows"

HOLY. This was unexpected. For me at least, did you know? And you said nothing?! For shame. With his first new single in a decade, de la Rocha returns with all the fire and fury that made him a king as the frontman of Rage Against the Machine. Though he hardly needs an introduction, so let's get to the track...

Produced by El-P (1/2 of Run The Jewels), the beat fits Zack's style perfectly, matching his grit and intensity, elevating the track to new heights. This isn't much of a surprise though, considering de la Rocha's feature on the Run the Jewels 2 album fit in seamlessly, which was also produced by EL-P.  

I sound pretty subdued but I really love de la Rocha and this song is badass. If the rest of the album, that is presumably being put together, is on this level, we'll have a classic on our hands. This song is dope. I can't wait for more. The album is due sometime in 2017, prepare your ears. PRAISE BE TO THE RETURN OF ZACK DE LA ROCHA.