BAYNK - "What You Need (feat. Nika)"

The last few months of the year are a busy time for me, causing quite a few singles to slip through the cracks. In leu of this I usually post quite a few November/ December singles in January/ February. I don't know why I feel the need to explain this since you're most likely just clicking on the single and not reading the post anyway...whatever man, you do you, imma do me. Stay fresh. 

It seems with every single BAYNK's talent becomes more and more apparent. Tropical beats have all but taken over the electronic scene, and the New Zealand based artist is no exception to that, making the fact that he's worth singling out all the more impressive.

After releasing a string of solid instrumental tracks during 2016, "Could You" being my favorite, he ended the year with his first collaboration. "What You Need" features vocals from Nika, who blends with his style perfectly, though it's still BAYNK's production that shines brightest. He gained quite a bit of steam last year, I'm excited to see it continue. Here's to a great 2017!