Celeste - "Daydreaming"

Hot DAMN. Seriously. This single came out last October, and I can't believe I'm only now hearing it. But judging by Spotify's play count it seems that everyone is in the same spot I am. I don't know why this song hasn't received the love that needs to be adjusted, quickly.

Through a bit of research I found that she was the featured vocalist on TIEKS 2014 single "Sing That Song," which is a jam, but I would never have put two and two together (shoutout to Stagedoor FM for the info). So welcome back Celeste! "Daydreaming" carries a much different vibe than the dance heavy TIEKS single, opting instead for a relaxed, soulful vibe. However her vocals are anything but relaxed, sitting somewhere in between Amy Winehouse and Jill Scott, the LA born singer is a powerhouse. 

"Daydreaming" doesn't just demand our attention, it deserves it.