Khalid - "Saved"

Khalid saw his stock blow up last May at the release of his first single "Location." The track instantly catapulted him into the spotlight, which is pretty much the best case scenario when you're an 18 year old who only started making music the year before. Following that he put out a string of singles, and while they didn't reach the peaks that "Location" found, it cemented his potential. 

It seems he's going to continue to further that sentiment, starting off 2017 with another strong single. "Saved" follows the same laid back, soulful vibes that we were all so drawn to in the beginning. For being so young and relatively new to the music scene he's been remarkably consistent, a trend that I see continuing for quite some time. He keeps everything relatively simple, allowing us to lose ourselves in the mood before we've even decided if we want to. Not bad Khalid, not bad at all.