Laura Marling - "Wild Fire"

I truly can't say enough about her. All good things, by the way. Because I do say so much, it warrants smaller posts when each single comes in, hence the probably shortness of this. Then again, I've been known to ramble so...

"Wild Fire" carries a traditional sound, soothing and relaxed, a perfect complement to the winter chill. This is the second single in support of her upcoming sixth LP Semper Femina, due to hit our ears in full on March 10th. So while we've still got a couple months, we've got more than enough music to tide us for another lifetime, so I think a two month wait doesn't sound so bad.

Also, just because it's the greatest thing I'll never see but I feel you all should be aware, tomorrow night Chris Thile, the new host of A Prairie Home Companion, will host guests Andrew Bird and Laura Marling on the program, and effectively end all evil in the world. If you in the Chicago area, make it your temporary life's goal to be in that audience. You're welcome. All of you.