Obongjayar - "Creeping"

I was just coasting the web right now looking for something new and Obongjayar's "Creeping" practically hit me in the face. Released back in October, this Nigerian born, UK based raspy voiced poet captured me instantly, and that seems to be the trend with anyone who lends an ear. 

What Obongjayar (which translates to King Junior) created just feels...different. The overall mood is hypnotic, the steady instrumentals feel both distant and intimate as he spills considerable weight in his words. While he's essentially rapping, I wouldn't categorize it as that, nor would I call it hip hop; it's simply expression. I really dig it. 

He's got a few more tracks on his soundcloud, which you can check out below, but "Creeping" is far and away the gem. I'm really excited to see where he takes his sound in 2017. Until then...