Gorillaz - "Hallelujah Money (feat. Benjamin Clementine)"

Many forms of the phrase "triumphant return" are being tossed around today, and for the best reason one can imagine, in reference to the return of Gorillaz. March 10th of this year would have been the seven year anniversary of the groups last album, the fantastic and grandiose Plastic Beach. Oddly enough, it hasn't felt even close to that long since I still listen to the group quite regularly, add in that their brand seems to transcend genre and time the music never feels dated or out of place. 

Today, the day before Trump's inauguration, comes "Hallelujah Money," the Gorillaz protest against the political landscape 2016 provided. The single features the mysterious and altogether polarizing artist Benjamin Clementine (who I spoke about briefly in my Tiny Desk Roundup), who adds depth of emotion to everything he touches, which, in this case, was a necessity. His presence here is almost that of a narrator than a singer as he speaks of the America Trump promised and the ridiculousness of said promise by a man who worships money and power most of all. 

While the song does "attack," its poetry and artistry create a beautifully executed display of distaste, and one that many are sure to recognize. While the circumstances that brought on this songs creation were less than satisfactory, I have to say, it's really really nice to have Gorillaz back. Enjoy!