Arcade Fire - "I Give You Power (feat. Mavis Staples)"

They sure know how to make an entrance don't they? Not only does their sound come at you from a completely different angle, they actually transfer the bulk of the vocals to soul songstress Mavis Staples, who doesn't waste the opporunity, taking the Arcade Fire's first single in four years to new heights.

"I Give You Power" actually sounds like something out of Gorillaz's playbook, featuring a heavy backbeat and power synths creating an electro-industrial vibe (though not to the effect of say...Nine Inch Nails). Speaking of Gorillaz, who also released a new single today, this song is also aimed at the man who will, as of tomorrow, find himself in the most powerful position in the world. 

If you recognize the song, it's because they've been teasing it in live shows since last year, though it becomes a new kind of animal with the addition of Mavis. Welcome back Arcade Fire, 2017 could use a little more of you.