Milo Greene - "Afraid of Everything"

Milo Greene's 2012 debut was one of my favorite records of the year. Beautiful, melodic, sweeping, simple, and other positive adjectives accompanied what was a little bit of everything you'd want from a folk album. When their 2015 followup Control failed to connect with me I reverted back to their self titled and wondered where they would go next. While I always support artists following the path their most passionate about, I was greedy for more of what I'd come to love. 

"Afraid of Everything" sits somewhere in between, and I have to say it's a nice happy medium. While I'm still earnest for days past, this compromise may be the best we get, and as of now that leaves me hopeful. I'm tentatively holding out for the next couple singles before I cast judgement (may thine judgement be true!), but for now I'll say welcome back. I've missed you.