Alina Baraz - "Electric (feat. Khalid)"

I was wondering when we'd hear from her again. After teaming up with producer Galimatias to put together the Urban Flora EP, which found it's way to a top 25 ranking on my Top 50 Albums of 2015, she's finally back, sans Galimatias, but not alone. 

"Electric" features El Paso teen Khalid, who just released a new single himself last week (CLICK HERE!). His smooth and intimate style complements hers nicely. The mood isn't as consuming as her work on Urban Flora, instead opting for a lighter, more sweet than sensual approach. Simply put, I really really dig it.

While this single is no doubt in support of an upcoming project, the project itself is yet to be named. Despite only having a sample size of music from her to work with she has yet to miss, so I have no problem being patient. All in good time people, all in good time.