Spoon - "Hot Thoughts"

Sometimes I forget just how long Spoon has been around. In fact, last year marked the 20 year anniversary of their debut record, Telephono. While I dig Spoon, I would consider myself more of a casual fan. I listen to their albums when they come out, but rarely do I jump back into their catalogue, and definitely not with enough consistency to know anything other than their hits.

I guess you didn't really need to know that information BUT it was basically a preemptive "forgive me" to any big fans of Spoon, whom I know are deserving of and grateful for your love. Their last record, 2014's They Want My Soul, while not bad, is probably my least favorite release of theirs, so when I saw they had a new single out I didn't jump at the chance to listen. I just did, right now, and it's...so good. Guys. It's so so good!

"Hot Thoughts" is the title track of their upcoming ninth LP, due to hit ears on March 17th. While my anticipation hasn't risen to a level of breathlessness I will say my interest has peaked considerably. With tempered vocals and a guitar riff that's as sharp as it is addictive even the bands most ardent detractors have to admit, there's something here. There's definitely a heavy Arctic Monkeys vibe going on, which has always kiiind of been there...so maybe it's Arctic Monkeys who have a Spoon vibe? Regardless, they're a band for which my love runs much deeper, so you'll be seeing no complaints from me. I guess it's time to start revisiting that catalogue...