San Fermin - "Open"

YES. Yes yes yes. YEEEEES. San Fermin is back. One of my favorite bands to emerge in the last five years has given us some of the most inventive and pleasing music over the course of two spectacular LPs, 2013's self-titled San Fermin and 2015's Jackrabbit (which made it's way into Top 10 of my Top Albums list that year).

"Open" picks up right where they left off; it's beautiful and expansive, and wastes zero time sweeping you off your feet. The groups fearless leader, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, has a name built for extravagance and that's exactly what he provides. He's stated that "Open" defines the upcoming album, which is titled Belong but is without a firm release date. To be honest, I don't care when it comes out, as long as it does...

...but also I DEFINITELY care when it comes out so about soon-ish? Or maybe just soon. Tomorrow? Tomorrow sounds good (FYI: album does not come out tomorrow).