Alison Krauss - "Losing You"

Alison Krauss is one of my favorite artists of all time. I know I've said that I'd make you all a definitive list so when I toss out the coveted "all time" phrase you can say, "It's true, they're one of his favorites, it says so right here on this list!," but I haven't, so until that time you'll just have to trust me. We're gonna have to trust each other!!!

For those unfamiliar with Alison, she often takes extended breaks between albums. And by extended I mean she hasn't released a solo album in almost two decades, her last being 1999's Forget About It. However that's a bit misleading, she has released three LPs since then -- and a beyond incredible live album! -- with bluegrass royalty Union Station backing her; the last of which was 2011's Paper Airplane, which still puts a seven year gap between releases. While sometimes it is frustrating, she's been in the industry longer than I've been alive, and with every output my love for her grows, and I can speculate with quite a bit of confidence that her new record, Windy City (due out February 17th), will be met with just as much love and affection.

The single, "Losing You," is a slight departure from the bluegrass sounds she's employed the last few decades, instead leaning more on traditional country as the genre of choice. It's melancholy and patient and her tonally perfect vocals are enough to bring my back from any negativity I may be experiencing. Oddly enough, or maybe appropriately, that description would work for most any song she puts out, which is good news for fans who hold the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' mantra to heart. While that isn't something I generally stick by, with Alison, it's alright by me.