The Shins - "Name For You"

Those of you praying for The Shins to dip back to the old days of whimsy and cartoonish wonder, look no further. "Name For You" reminds me of why I loved Wincing The Night Away so much, because at their best, there's no other band quite like them, and at their worst? I'll let you know if I ever hear it. 

Heartworms, the groups first albums since 2012's Port of Morrow, comes to us March 10th. While it seems torturous to make us wait another few months since it's been five years, you could also argue that it's been five years, so what's another few months. 

"Name For You" has a lightness that instantly attaches itself to you, and while I'll harp on this a bit more when I review the album, frontman James Mercer, who also produced the new record on his own, is probably my favorite lyricist in music. I realize I dropped that information semi-casually, but I wholeheartedly believe in James and his poetry. Everything else is here, the layered instrumentals, the harmonies, Mercer's distinctive voice, all of it melodic and charming. Rejoice, rejoice!