Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau - "Independence Day"

I already wrote about their first single, "Scarlett Town," and with their record coming out in a matter of days I wasn't going to post about the second, "Independence Day," but you know what?? Chris Thile is my favorite artist on God's green earth and I'll be damned if I let an opportunity to talk about him slip away!

"Independence Day" is all instrumental, unlike the first track, and gives us a broader look at what we can expect from the duos soon to be released record, which will be gifted to us Jan. 27th. While Thile's sound has been driven by a bluegrass base, his ability, and willingness, to adapt to his surroundings is what makes him so great. Hearing him tinker with his sound to complement a more jazzy style, which is Mehldau's base (though it's Mehldau who adapts on "Scarlett Town"), makes for yet another unique fixture in his already illustrious career. 

I couldn't be more excited for the record, and I hope your mindset is the same.