Rationale - Vessels EP

There's really not much I need to say other than this guy is probably my favorite young musician working right now, a sentiment held by quite a few fans and industry heads alike. There isn't a thing I don't love about him. Everything commands your attention, though nothing more than prominently than his voice. His tone, which sits comfortably between a tenor and baritone, is so pleasantly crisp and unique. His natural register is so smooth that even if he had no range it would still be addicting, so the fact that he DOES have range is basically a dream come true. Add in his knack for melodies and catchy hooks and you've got yourself a hit machine. 

Though his sound is in the realm of electro pop (he's sporting that modern 80's synth vibe) there is genuine emotion in his delivery and presence, removing him from the emptiness that you generally associate pop music with. There's quite a bit I could go into but at the end of the day it comes down to this, his music makes me feel good. No matter what kind of mood I'm in, the atmosphere he presents feels fitting. For an artist to have such a universal situational appeal is a special thing, I can't think of too many others who I can confidently say work well like that. The same goes for his previous Fuel To The Fire EP, which, like Vessels, I had nothing but the highest praise for.

Rationale is the real deal and then some. Anything but a long and fruitful career would be an unfortunate future for anyone with functioning ears. I hope you've been listening while reading, it'd be a shame if you haven't pressed play on this yet.