Becca Stevens - "Queen Mab"

Why this hasn't found itself a niche audience I can't tell you. It's different, compelling, fun, and a whole mess of other positive adjectives, the most important of which might be "cool." While I was familiar with her from her collaborative work with pianist Brad Mehldau (whose recent release Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau is SPECTACULAR) as well as the jazz outfit Snarky Puppy, I never had listened to her specifically via Becca Stevens Band or her trio Tillery. Due to "Queen Mab" that has changed.

Opening gently with light harmonies, I truly had no idea where she would decide to take it - but let me tell you - each progression gets better and better. The fuzzy bass and heavy backbeat pair perfectly with her layered vocals as they dance and swirl around you. It's such a genuinely pleasing listen, and while rarely feel bold enough to declare my love of a song seconds after it starts, this one was a no brainer. I can't wait to see what comes next and how it fits within Becca Stevens' bigger picture. Which, speaking of that bigger picture, her record Regina comes out March 24th! Good stuff people. GOOD. STUFF.