Fyfe - "Love You More"

SOHN + Joywave = Fyfe. That's what I thought when I first heard him, that's what I feel with the release of his latest single, "Love You More." It's the second track he's released in support of his upcoming sophomore LP The Space Between (due to hit us in June). For those unfamiliar, Fyfe's production is generally poppy without being pop; influences of new wave, jazz, and alternative are generally present as well making saving it from getting to repetitive. 

The overall sound is a warm one, which is enhanced by his soft and clean vocals. He doesn't need to fill each track with proper chorus' and sing-along verses because his music is able to stand on it's own sans vocals, which gives him a unique opportunity to take a step back and build it the way he wants. Reading that last sentence back I'm not sure if it makes sense, but *I* know what I'm trying to say and if you bring it up to me in person I'm sure I can explain it.