LOT - "Take A Look"

I came across LOT's debut EP Mother Board earlier this month and haven't been able to tear myself away from it, mainly because I crave the opening track "Take A Look" and then can't help but let the rest play. 

Based in Portugal's capital Lisboa, this moody, synth heavy electronic trio definitely maintains an atmosphere, each song adding it's own personality to the feel. The EP as a whole is a groove throughout, though I really think "Take A Look" is the strongest of the bunch. It's such a slick offering, the steady vocals grab you and the slow build is so smooth it could exist forever on it's own, so the fact that the the drop hits is just another reason to show this track love. 

Mother Board is sensual and trance inducing, built for a late night drive through the city - crisp air and good vibes. Remember Barcelona's string of EP's from a few years back (Love Me / Love You / Know Love)? Well if you've been missing a new addition to that mood, look no further than LOT. 

Notable Tracks: "Take A Look" // "Glimpse" // "Swing"