Earl St. Clair - My Name Is Earl

WELCOME BACK TO ME. I say that because, and I KNOW you've noticed, I have not been very active on the site outside of a few major posts regarding awards shows (Grammys / Oscars). Well, I'm back now baby, I had to all thanks to Earl St. Clair's debut EP, My Name Is Earl. While I've been working largely with down tempo and classical sounds, this has broken me free from the tyranny of comfort sounds, it's time to explore again. Adventure is out there! 

Earl St. Clair is a bluesy swiss army knife. In this seven song EP he delves into all aspects of the genre: classic, soul, funk, gospel, etc. and it all feels oh-sooo-fine. The opening track, "Pain," instantly reels you in with it's moody rawness. I loved it. It's the kind of song where you KNOW the live performance is absolute fire. The album doesn't let up there, especially during the lively four song stretch of tracks three through six. "Criminal" gets the feet tapping, but once the combo of the funk heavy "Bad Love" and summer time jam "Feeling Alive" hit you've got no choice but to groove.

Earl's got it all, and it's not hard to hear. You feel it from beginning to end. If he can expand this great an output into a full length release there's going to be no stopping this guy. The fact that I need to personally thank him for slapping me back to reality makes My Name Is Earl that much more important. Good God almighty, this is the real deal baby!