JAYLIEN - "Lucky Guy"

Despite it's July 2016 release, JAYLIEN's Summer's Over EP didn't drift into my line of site until early 2017. I wish I could say I was on top of things right away, but...better late than never. And maybe it was better it happened this way, as my consumption of R&B from summer until the new year consisted of Frank Ocean and other artists who I wished were Frank Ocean. In other words, my patience for anything else was severely limited. Thatchanged (kind of), and when I finally got around to Summer's Over I definitely regretted waiting so long. 

JAYLIEN's style is more traditional than not, but his command of said style makes it feel like he's a seasoned pro. His slick delivery and knack for hooks back up the consistently solid production, so it was no surprise when this single "Lucky Guy," had me on board immediately. The atmosphere is unique, and I love the last 45 seconds or so (when it feels like he channels a bit of Kanye's "I'm In It"); the percussions hit heavy while the synths add a layer of steadiness, but it's never too much leaving JAYLIEN himself to be front and center.