LAOISE - "Halfway"

In late 2016 LAOISE released her first single and it was a GEM. I assumed we would need to wait long, as to build off the momentum the single, titled "YOU," brought. It's May now, so I was wrong, but that's ok because her follow up is HERE and it is GOOD. Her sound is sensual, vocals are soothing, and the atmosphere consuming. It's easy to listen fall under her spell and I can't imagine anyone wanting to leave it. 

"Halfway" is a little more more haunting than "YOU" but it's exactly that type of eeriness that has me falling for it. Her backing vocals are subtle and ethereal, causing me to fade in a familiar way.  This isn't anything new, but it is something very good, and there is never enough sounds to send me dreaming. I dig LAOISE, I dig "Halfway," and I'm excited for what's next.