Two Feet - "Had Some Drinks"

After the overwhelming success of his First Steps EP thanks to lead single "Go Fuck Yourself" and "Quick Musical Doodles" I don't feel like I need to bring Two Feet to light but honestly, his second single in support of his sophomore EP is really really good and I want to talk about it! Ok?? "Had Some Drinks" is SHARP. It's alt electro sound is biting and might best be described as, and forgive me for this, badass. It's COOL. I feel COOL listening to it. And isn't that enough?? *chest bumps bro, shotguns beer, desperately searches for meaning* But seriously, just like First Steps, it puts you under a spell, and anything that can retain my attention fully is primo in my book. 

A side thought: Two Steps might fall into the same division that I've placed Allan Rayman in that I love his sound, but it's VERY repetitive. Of course there's nothing wrong with having a theme, but I would like a bit of growth. I will say, it's still extremely early on in both artist's careers so for me to categorize them as one trick ponies is a bit harsh, especially when I dig that one trick, but I'm just saying...variety. That's all, as you were. It's probably also worth noting that if I had a sound like this in my mind I stick to it too. Remember? It's cool, baby. And cool ain't nothing to fuck with.