Miloux - "Paris"

I have been WAITING for this day. New grooves from Miloux day, and much earlier than expected! Excuse me while I pop some champagne. Now, in case you aren't familiar, she's an New Zealand based artist who came on the scene last year with an EP that HIT THE SPOT. Smooth, dreamy, arresting, it had (and still has!) it all, and this new single is no different. 

"Paris" has all the atmosphere that made her such a presence in life last year. She knows the power of simplicity when it comes to her backing beats and keeps things driven vocally, which is my personal preference, generally. Between her harmonies, phrasing, and melodies, I can't get enough. It's sexy without throwing it in your face. I love it. Welcome back Miloux. Whether it be an EP or LP on the horizon, I'm here for it.