ODESZA - "Higher Ground" feat. Naomi Wild

With their fifth single released today in support of the upcoming LP, A Moment Apart (due out September 8th!) I figured I would write something about it, considering their 2014 release In Return is one of my favorite electronic albums ever. I know, bold words. But you know what? I'M A BOLD MAN! 

ODESZA presents a rare combination in that their sound is often equal parts soothing and grandiose. Their single "Corners Of The Earth" is the latest example of that. Add to that their affinity with worldly sounds, often incorporating eastern or tribal themes, along with a slew of others, places them in another league in comparison to their peers. Each single released so far hasn't just been good, it's been incredible, and considering there have been five, I'd say signs that this album will be just as good as In Return are obvious. Plug in and zone out. September 8th can't come soon enough. 

Because I mentioned the groups other singles, I figured I'd link you with my two favorites.