Dana Williams - "Honey"

I love her. While I know she got started sooner, my introduction to her was the 2015 EP Let's Fall, and I have been steadily obsessing over her voice, her sound, her words, etc. ever since. The ease of listening to an artist's sound should never be understated. That's possibly Dana's biggest draw, is her ease. Her sound has classic tones to it, so welcoming, natural and warm, this self title Corinne Bailey Rae, thinkKat Edmonson, think stripped down Cape Dory  from Tennis, think Kina Grannis, I could go on, but I won't. Just know she's is all of those things and more. This isn't to say she's without her misses, I didn't really love her single "Callaway" which was her collaboration with producer Jon Lawless; but someone else DOES and that's ok. I'm not the only fan. Please the masses Dana!

Now, back to "Honey." It's a GEM. 100%. It's a warm blanket on a relaxing afternoon, it's natural sunlight, it's being surrounded by calm tones, it's comfort. That's what she does. There isn't much else to say. It's been two years since her last release, so I expect a collection of songs before the new year. She just keeps getting better and better.