nite swim - "Everybody's Someone in LA"

YES. PLEASE. It's hard to tag a group with only two singles as consistent so I'll just say, 2 for 2 ain't bad. nite swim's latest single is so damn smooth; one of those tracks that somehow finds it's way onto every mix you make for the rest of the year. Their brand of summer drenched electro R&B isn't exactly new, but the fact that I haven't latched onto something so quickly in awhile carries weight. It's the same reaction I had to Cool Company's 2015 Summer Daze EP (which led to one of my favorite albums of 2016, Slice of Paradise).  

With both singles showing up in consecutive months, I'm under the assumption we've got an EP or LP showing up sometime in 2017; I'll stay on the lookout as long as you agree to keep these guys in your late summer rotation. It's problem free listening at it's best.