Camille - "Seeds"

It's been a long time since I made a point to listen to Camille. Like many I became aware of her after her sophomore release Le fil, whose lead single "Ta douleur" hasn't lost any of it's original appeal. But even with that in mind I never put a ton of time into the records that followed. Through no fault of her own she's always been an artist that's slides into my life by chance, I listen for a bit, and then just as quietly as she entered, she exits. Normally this occurrence isn't noted, however today she happened to release new material and I happened to find it more exceptional than I normally do. 

"Seeds" is soft and delicate, an ideal candidate for a rainy Sunday morning alone. I'm talking empty house, with gloomy scene outside, seated next to a window with a good book (although I'm playing solitaire) and whatever drink makes you feel most comfortable. The drumline-esque percussions, that become muffled during the verses, offer a steadiness that draws you in immediately. Though it's the beauty of the chorus that has me looping this track, and how it builds a little more each time it comes around. Honestly, it's just an EASY listen, and there can never be enough of those. 

I'd also like to note Camille's long running side project, Nouvelle Vague, whose down tempo, often soothing, bossa nova inspired covers have been a much more consistent listen for me in past years. 

"In A Manner Of Speaking" is their most recognized track, and also a good place to start as it a cut from their debut album. There's something to be said about the bands steady, uncomplicated sound. It builds an atmosphere and easily seduces you with it, and with Fall just around the corner, it's an atmosphere you'll want in your back pocket.