Elohim - "The Wave"

Elohim has been quietly making a name for herself, building a body of work that's inventive, fun, and consistently solid, an accolade that is possibly the most important. Her self titled 2016 release was excellent but it's been her steady stream of singles following that release that have me REALLY excited about the future. 

"The Wave" is the third single of 2017, and the third single that I have looped. I mentioned her consistency early, but I only meant it in terms of quality, as each has been different. The first, "Skinny Legs" was off the wall and packed a punch, the second, "Sleepy Eyes," was summer soaked tropical fun, and has a night club vibe and feels like a slice from Phoenix's spectacular 2013 record Bankrupt!. The latter is my favorite of the three, as it's equal parts boundless energy and a laid back poolside groove. I'm all in. Keep exploring, I'll keep listening.