O Mer - "Icarus"

Within the first 30 seconds I was given a vivd reminder of a sound I was familiar with but in an odd twist of fate I can't remember what it reminded me of. What I'm leaning towards is maybe a cross between The Servant's "Cell" and Blonde Redhead's 23 album...I apologize, normally I'm more succinct in my thoughts. Regardless, this track has kept me in rapture, something the Brooklyn based artist has been doing in extremely small sample sizes for the last few years.

O Mer has become a bit of a polarizing figure, releasing a single track in each of the last three years . "Now I'm Alive" in 2015, "Overflown" in 2016, and now "Icarus" (he also released a couple track before that on soundcloud which you can hear HERE). Like it's predecessors, the song accomplishes more by doing less. The down tempo electro sound is one that has had quite an influx in the last decade, so no one is necessarily surprising us, but I will say that something new can refresh us, and that's exactly what O Mer's sound is to me, refreshing.