I'm With Her - "Little Lies"

Often times when you come across new artists/groups you find yourself dwelling in that familiar place of "is there enough here for me to keep listening?" It's an understandable question, with so much music available even people with the most free time (i.e. yours truly) have to pick and choose. It's unfortunate, to say the least, especially when your goal is to listen to everything...ever (PIPE DREAMS!). Because of this "time" conundrum I am always grateful when I hear a sure thing, and I'm With Her is just that.

Formed back in 2015, the group is comprised of three musicians who are all very dear to me, Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek and Aoife O' Donovan of Crooked Still, who both have now been working as solo artists in more recent years, and Sarah Jarosz. All three are engaging on their own, so the marriage of these three dynamic and incredible musicians is something to get excited about. If you're familiar with their work at all, their debut single, "Little Lies" is beauty that should come as no surprise. The airy harmonies, the intricate string work, the calming tones and dreamlike melodies hit all the points you'd expect. Their EP, also titled Little Lies, features this single as well as five live tracks recorded back in late 2015 while the group was on tour. It's a refreshing summertime escape and I couldn't be more excited about a more complete release from these women, should the day ever come.

The trio has a few upcoming tour dates left with Punch Brothers, and if you happen to be near any of their stops remember that money is no object when incredible music is what awaits (CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE).

Chris Thile & Brad Mehldau - "Independence Day"

I already wrote about their first single, "Scarlett Town," and with their record coming out in a matter of days I wasn't going to post about the second, "Independence Day," but you know what?? Chris Thile is my favorite artist on God's green earth and I'll be damned if I let an opportunity to talk about him slip away!

"Independence Day" is all instrumental, unlike the first track, and gives us a broader look at what we can expect from the duos soon to be released record, which will be gifted to us Jan. 27th. While Thile's sound has been driven by a bluegrass base, his ability, and willingness, to adapt to his surroundings is what makes him so great. Hearing him tinker with his sound to complement a more jazzy style, which is Mehldau's base (though it's Mehldau who adapts on "Scarlett Town"), makes for yet another unique fixture in his already illustrious career. 

I couldn't be more excited for the record, and I hope your mindset is the same.