Alina Baraz - "Buzzin" // "Lavender and Velvet"

I don't know what planet Alina Baraz came from or which one she resides in but I want to live in her world. Her grooves are so good, so sensual, so smooth, I can't get enough. I still listen to her Galimatias collab Urban Flora like it came out last week, her single "Electric" is on rotation always, her feature on Phlake's "Gone" is incredible, and now this. 

The double single release must mean something is coming, as she hasn't released a proper single since the aforementioned "Electric" and that was back in January. Then again, nothing has been announced, and these tracks could just be what's come from restlessness while she's been on tour (opening for Coldplay with Tov Lo). Either way, both tracks are absolute GEMS. It's sexy, dreamy, electro grooves that wrap you up and take you into the stratosphere. Lay back and drift, it's what Alina wants. 

Alina Baraz - "Electric (feat. Khalid)"

I was wondering when we'd hear from her again. After teaming up with producer Galimatias to put together the Urban Flora EP, which found it's way to a top 25 ranking on my Top 50 Albums of 2015, she's finally back, sans Galimatias, but not alone. 

"Electric" features El Paso teen Khalid, who just released a new single himself last week (CLICK HERE!). His smooth and intimate style complements hers nicely. The mood isn't as consuming as her work on Urban Flora, instead opting for a lighter, more sweet than sensual approach. Simply put, I really really dig it.

While this single is no doubt in support of an upcoming project, the project itself is yet to be named. Despite only having a sample size of music from her to work with she has yet to miss, so I have no problem being patient. All in good time people, all in good time.